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Verantwortlicher Autor: kasaan media Johannesburg-London, 29.09.2020, 17:27 Uhr
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City of London
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Johannesburg-London [ENA] It started with the Wing Hang Bank The approach of the Brazilian-born scam message of the Wing Hang Bank in Hong Kong is becoming more and more popular. Big business behind - which is nothing from the beginning. But the offenders know how to handle their "deal"

What is and was frightening is that the European authorities are not prepared to deal with such offenders from West Africa. An endless number of e-mails were exchanged, claiming to open a bank account at a fake bank in London for US$830. Only this money was necessary for the culprits and to get hold of the address and documents of the potential victim. To commit further crimes later with the information gained, like human trafficking or identity theft. Etc. Questions were dealt with by using text modules that had been prepared by the inventor in Nigeria and South Africa. The perpetrators worked according to a rigid and easily comprehensible pattern. The "Wing Hang Bank" programme appeared several times in the Google search engines.

Unfortunately, thousands still fall for the perpetrators, so we wrote this article. After a few e-mails, the perpetrators exerted a pressure that was degrading. They knew their trade, but it quickly became apparent that not just one perpetrator, but countless others were working in multiple shifts to implement the crime plan. We documented the entire case, also for our colleagues in the press. The whole story can be read here

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